Season 6 of “True Blood” concluded with a horde of Hep-V-infected vampires heading toward the huge Bon Temps vampire-human integration party. Fans of the HBO series were left on the edge of their seats wondering who would make it out alive – and who would turn into a tasty snack. Fortunately we don’t have to wait until the season 7 premiere to see who may or may not be in the coming episodes, because IMDB has tentative cast lists set up for the first three episodes of the final season.

Episode 1

As we previously reported, the seventh and final season of “True Blood” will kick off with “Jesus Gonna Be Here.” The episode will feature the usual suspects: Sookie, Bill, Sam, Jason, Tara, Andy, Willa, Holly, Lafayette, Adilyn, Lettie Mae, Arlene, Jessica and Alcide. Fans can rest happy in knowing that Pam, who disappeared to search for Eric during the season 6 finale, will also be appearing – along with her maker!

Violet, who was introduced at the vamp camp in season 6 and turned into Jason’s lover, will also be featured in the premiere. But James, who is now being played by Nathan Parsons due to the departure of Luke Grimes,” is noticeably absent from the casting list. “True Blood” fans shouldn’t be too worried yet, though, because IMDB’s credit page may be incomplete until the air date.

Other familiar faces in episode 1 include Deputy Kenya Jones, new “flirtatious” waitress Belinda, and a character named Matt, who appeared in season 6. And the premiere will also feature some new faces. Newcomer Lucas Adams will be playing Lou, a blue-collar worker in his 20s who is a member of an anti-vampire vigilante group. Massi Furlan will be playing Nizar, a Persian vampire who gets involved in a game of Russian roulette at a Moroccan bar, and David Brickford will be playing a character named Reverend Skinner.

Episode 2

Episode 2, which is currently untitled, also features the core cast except for Alcide, Violet, Lettie Mae, Holly, Willa and Adilyn. But as mentioned before, the IMDB list is only tentative and could be updated when the episode date approaches. Lou and Belinda will be returning, along with an uncredited character called a “Vigilante.” The uncredited character sounds like he could be a member of the same anti-vampire vigilante group that Lou is involved in. As we previously reported, the gang is led by a man in his 40s named Vince, who besides hating vampires, is also a “tea partyer who has political visions.”

Episode 3

Currently episode 3 only features two credited cast members – Lucas Adams’ Lou and an actress named Ashley Barron. Barron will be playing an unnamed character called “Pam’s Treat,” which has us speculating that she’s either a snack, or a potential hookup.

As mentioned, the IMDB list is tentative and does not include a full credited cast list for the upcoming season 7 episodes of “True Blood.

Season 7 of “True Blood” premieres on HBO this summer. Who are you looking forward to seeing when the Bon Temps crew returns? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.