True Detective
Will Ray (Colin Farrell, pictured) find out if Chad (Trevor Larcom, not pictured) is his son in the "True Detective" season 2 finale? HBO

Through its first seven episodes, Season 2 of "True Detective" has raised more questions than it has answered. Hopefully, that will change Sunday when the investigation of Ben Caspere's murder comes to a close in the big finale. It has been a complicated, often hard-to-follow summer for fans of the HBO series and -- though episode 7 did clear up a lot of confusion -- for the last episode to satisfy viewers it will have some explaining to do.

Here are five questions fans need to have answered in episode 8, "Omega Station":

1. Who Is The Person In The Crow Mask?

This question is likely the key to solving Ben Caspere's murder. Viewers have seen a mystery assailant wearing a creepy, crow mask twice in the season. The first time was traffic light camera footage showing a masked driver taking the body of Ben Caspere to the roadside location where Paul (Taylor Kitsch) found him in the premiere. The second time was when the masked gunman shot Ray (Colin Farrell) with rubber bullets -- which implied to Ray that a cop was responsible -- while he was inspecting a prostitute's home on a tip from Frank (Vince Vaughn). During that second appearance, the masked criminal took off with a hard drive that the Catalyst Group and all of its co-conspirators have been searching for all season. That brings us to the next question.

2. What is on the Hard Drive?

The question of who has the hard drive is likely no different from the question of who is behind the crow mask. However, what is on the hard drive? It seems obvious that the files are blackmail fodder obtained through the prostitution parties, but who does the dirt implicate?

Catalyst Group boss Jacob McCandless (Jon Lindstrom) had offered Frank his cut of the rail line property deal, again if he could recover the hard drive, but it has not been found. Perhaps, if Ray and Ani (Rachel McAdams) can track it down, they can use it to clear their names?

3. Will Ray Find out about Blake?

Ray was a bit upset, to put it lightly, when he found out that the name Frank had given him years before was not his wife's actual rapist. In a guns-drawn breakfast meeting, Frank agreed to find out who had given him the faulty information, but Frank knew all along it had been Blake (Christopher James Baker). However, Frank did not know the tip was a lie. Blake confessed to Frank that the man who Ray killed was really just a meth-dealing enemy of Blake's and Frank subsequently (and largely for unrelated reasons) killed Blake. Will Ray find out it was Blake who had wronged him? Will he believe that Frank had nothing to do with it? It will sure seem convenient for Frank to say it was all Blake, seeing as how Blake is dead.

4. Is Chad Ray's Son?

The paternity test to determine if Chad (Trevor Larcom) is really Ray's son has been hanging over the detective all season. It has always seemed obvious, considering Chad's red hair, that he was conceived when Ray's wife was raped years before the events of the season, but fans (and Ray) have never known for sure. Will fans find out the results of the paternity test in the finale?

5. Who Killed Ben Caspere?

Of course, the central question of the season is who killed Ben Caspere? Was it the jewelery owner's daughter, Laura, in retaliation for her parents' murder and the theft of the blue diamonds? Was it Kevin Burris (James Frain) in an effort to cover up corruption for the Catalyst Group? Or was it someone else? Only time will tell.

"True Detective" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO. Watch the promo for the Season 2 finale below: