True Detective
Frank (Vince Vaughn) will be out for revenge in the "True Detective" Season 2 finale. HBO

It will all come to an end Sunday for "True Detective" Season 2. Fans have watched as Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ani's (Rachel McAdams) search for the man who killed Ben Caspere took them from detectives on a high stakes, highly political investigation to fugitives on the run for murder. The pair only have one episode, the special 90-minute finale, to clear their names and bring the real killers to justice. How will it all go down in episode 8, "Omega Station"?

The synopsis for the new episode does not give too much away, as the show appears to be playing things pretty close to the chest. However, it does make one very important promise -- the idenity of Ben Caspere's murderer will be revealed. After a long and often hard to follow season, viewers will be reassured by the fact that there will be a concrete ending to the convoluted case. Plus, according to the synopsis, the trail of corruption in Vinci will be exposed. After a Season 1 finale that disappointed fans when it did not tie up loose ends about the mysterious Yellow King cult, it would be refreshing to see the Season 2 finale deliver a bit more closure.

The promo for the episode provides a little more insight as to how the HBO series will arrive at that closure. In the teaser Ray and Ani have to deal with the aftermath of Paul Woodrugh's (Taylor Kitsch) shocking death in episode 7, and it seems the pair is taking matters into their own hands to get justice. After Ray dismisses the idea of getting confessions from the culprits, the duo is shown in a series of scenes, guns drawn, hunting for the men behind Paul's murder and the corruption in Vinci.

Meanwhile, Frank (Vince Vaughn), who torched his clubs in episode 7 to keep them out of Osip's (Timothy V. Murphy) hands, is still at work putting his mystery plan into action. The ganster obtained a fake passport in episode 7, which would imply he plans to skip town at some point. But in the promo he is still in Los Angels talking with Ray and he appears to have vengeance on his mind.

"Call it what you want. Revenge, justice..." Frank tells the former detective. "Maybe that means something."

Frank also acquired an arsenal of weapons in the last episode. Does he plan on crashing Osip's cash handoff?

Watch the promo for the Season 2 finale below:

How will the case come to a close? Fans will have to wait to find out. The Season 2 finale of "True Detective" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.