• Trump's memoir features photos taken during his presidency
  • Each book costs $75 if unsigned and $230 if signed
  • The book's publisher has sold 200,000 copies and is expecting to sell 300,000 more

Former President Donald Trump is raking in millions of dollars from a coffee table picture book featuring photos taken during his presidential term, sources reveal.

The 300-page memoir, titled “Our Journey Together,” has grossed $20 million since it first went on sale in late November. The book retails for $75 but may sell for $230 if it is signed, people with knowledge of the book’s publishing told CNN.

Apart from the book’s sales, Trump also received a multimillion-dollar advance from the publisher Winning Team Publishing. The company was founded by Trump ally Sergio Gor and the former president’s son Donald Jr.

“Our Journey Together” includes 300 pages of official White House photographs depicting the Trump presidency. All photos come with captions written by the former president. Many comments were similar to Trump’s Twitter missives where he slighted political foes.

"Attempting to listen to crazy Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office — such natural disagreement," Trump captioned a photo from a December 2018 Oval Office meeting with former President Mike Pence and Democratic leaders discussing the federal government shutdown. "She was screaming and shaking like a leaf, she's f***ing crazy, hence the name 'Crazy Nancy.'"

"Asking for a job for his wife and I am smiling but I didn't like him even a little bit,” Trump wrote adjacent a photo of the late Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain.

Not all photos were taken inside the White House. One of the book’s pages featured a picture of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with the caption, "Mark Zuckerberg would come to the White House and kiss my ass. His censorship is terrible for America. His 'campaign contributions' even worse."

Winning Team Publishing has initially printed 200,000 copies of Trump’s coffee table book. However, Gor said they are now struggling to meet the demand and issued requests for 300,000 more copies to be printed.

While people could still order their own copies of the book, new copies of “Our Journey Together” is unlikely to arrive until late February or early March, Gor told CNN.

There are still some copies of the book available being sold by peddlers. On Amazon, a signed copy could sell for up to $1,749. On eBay, signed copies range between $950 to $1,300.

Donald Trump left the White House a year ago but shows signs he will seek to come back in 2024
Donald Trump left the White House a year ago but shows signs he will seek to come back in 2024 AFP / ALEX EDELMAN