House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy met with former President Donald Trump on Thursday to discuss potential Republican appointees to join a special congressional committee tasked with investigating the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The meeting took place at Trump’s private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, with the former president only saying they had “much to discuss.” The first public hearing of the investigative committee will be held on July 27, which gives Mccarthy less than two weeks to announce who will represent the GOP on the commission, though CNN reports he intends to announce his selections prior to the hearing.

McCarthy can appoint five out of the 13 members of the committee that will investigate the violent Capitol attack. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the power to choose eight participants as well as overrule any participants picked by the minority leader.

Pelosi has already announced her appointed members.

McCarthy on Tuesday criticized Pelosi’s selections, accusing her of “playing politics” for choosing two of the key lawmakers behind Trump’s two impeachments in the House.

“Putting Adam Schiff and Raskin on it looks more like an impeachment committee than one that wants to get to the bottom of the questions that are still out there,” McCarthy told Fox News.