Joe Biden’s campaign has a total of $466 million to spend on advertising and other campaign needs, which is $141 million more than President Trump’s campaign.

The Trump campaign has a total of $325 million in its war chest, spokesman Tim Murtaugh said.

Meanwhile, Biden ended August with nearly $181 million on hand compared to Trump’s $121 million.

Biden is also spending more than Trump. In August, Biden outspent Trump $130 million to $61 million. The television and video streaming industry felt the shift when the Trump campaign went dark in several key states, Politico reported.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien defended his more reserved approach and said he's carefully trying to manage the campaign budget.

In August, the Trump campaign significantly reduced its video advertising and even went silent in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota. Biden ended up outspending Trump 3-to-1 on video ads in August, $69.9 million to $18.8 million.

The Trump campaign seems to be more selective in spending with more than $13 million in advertising on Google for two weeks in August, including ads on YouTube’s front page. The Trump campaign also spent $4.4 million in Facebook advertisements. Biden on the other hand spent $10 million on Google and $1.5 million on Facebook in August.

To combat the Democrats' growing funds, GOP donors have intensified their support. Texas billionaire Kelcy Warren donated $10 million in August and Diane Hendricks, a Wisconsin billionaire, gave $2 million, Bloomberg noted.

But such lucrative donations don't compare to Biden’s record-setting haul.

Trump doesn’t seem concerned with the monetary deficit. In a phone interview with Fox News, he said “give me one day and a telephone, I could get all these rich people that I know very much to all put up millions of dollars apiece.”

GOP donors have already spent millions on big outside groups that can accept unlimited contributions. The biggest spender is Preserve America PAC, a group that launched in late August. Preserve America is the third-biggest spender on advertising after Trump and Biden and spent $42.7 million in September. The group, which isn’t due to report to the FEC until Oct. 15, has yet to disclose its donors.