The golfing president, Donald Trump, has always made it a point to surround himself with like-minded people willing to do his bidding, and who’ll pledge their personal loyalty to him.

It seems Trump’s insistence upon absolute loyalty rubbed-off on his personal golf caddy.

There was an incident narrated by sportswriter Rick Reilly in his book "Commander-in-Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump," where Trump’s long-time caddy strangled a fellow caddy who had the nerve to diss Trump in public – and loudly at that.

This caddy named A.J. (who didn’t want to be identified) is a 60-plus, ex-Marine who has caddied Trump for years at at the Trump National Golf Club Washington in Northern Virginia. He’s a Republican, of course, and fondly refers to the Donald as “my president.” He always addresses Trump as, “Sir.” But he does that to practically everyone.

Reilly says this grandpa Marine is so loyal to Trump that if anyone criticizes his guy, “he’ll fight him—and has.” A.J. did just that at the 2017 Senior PGA Championship at Trump Washington, according to Politico.

A.J. overhead Brian “Sully” Sullivan, who caddies for Senior Tour player Joe Durant, bad mouthing Trump during the tournament.

“He was running his mouth, sir,” said A.J. “Yellin’ about Mr. Trump. He was sayin’ to somebody, ‘Don’t tell me how I have to feel about him! I hate that motherf-----!’”

A.J. told Reilly he snuck-up on Sullivan from behind and put him in a full military chokehold.

While Sullivan thrashed around trying to break free, A.J. yelled: “Now, you listen to me, f-----! You’re not gonna come to Mr. Trump’s course and eat Mr. Trump’s food and then use the word ‘hate’ about my president. I won’t have it, you got me?”

When asked about this fight, Sullivan said that’s not exactly how it happened.

“It’s possible I was hungover,” said Sullivan. “I don’t like D.C. anyway and I sure as hell didn’t want to be on a Trump course. Some guys started talking about Trump.

“I mentioned that I can’t stand the son of a b----. I said he was the biggest jerk in the world.

“A.J. got all worked up and said, ‘That man pays my rent. He puts food on my table!’ I said if he has to take money from that horse’s a--, then he ought to find a different loop.

Trump President Donald Trump speaks during CPAC 2019 on March 2. Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

“He kind of just grumbled off. Of course, as luck would have it, he and I got paired for the first two days. We buried the hatchet,” Sullivan told Reilly.

There were also anti-Trump protesters by the entrance during the tournament. Reilly narrated that A.J. always made sure to drive his car as close as possible to these anti-Trump guys.

“There’d be a buncha women out front with all their stupid signs, sir,” said A.J.

“So I go real slow by 'em, see, hit the window button—zzzzzzttt—toss 'em the bird and I yell, ‘F--- you!’ They’d start yelling at me and I’m like—zzzztttt—right back up. And I laughed, sir.”