Angelina Jolie was reportedly humiliated and was called a “homewrecker” by her bodyguard’s girlfriend, but there seems to be no truth to these claims.

National Enquirer published a report claiming that there was a showdown between Jolie and the girlfriend of her bodyguard. According to an unreliable source, the woman turned up on set of Jolie’s upcoming thriller film “Those Who Wish Me Dead” in Mexico earlier this week.

There was a tense confrontation between the trio that left the “Maleficent” star humiliated and sobbing. She was accused of being a “homewrecker.”

“The level of tension between Angelina, the bodyguard and his girlfriend was off the charts! Everybody on set was riled!” the unnamed source said.

“She would show up at random and watch Angie and the bodyguard,” the insider said before adding, “But what woman wouldn’t? Angie is a flirt!'”

The source continued saying that Jolie melted when the guy was around and she gushed over him like “he was her whole world.” The bodyguard was reportedly Jolie’s errand boy, chauffeur and companion.

However, according to Business Times, one should take those reports with a grain of salt because Jolie “does not have a thing for her bodyguard.” The publication also pointed out that the alleged tense showdown did not happen at all.

The report was fabricated as there was no single evidence provided to support the claims. Also, Jolie is not open to dating at the moment and is more focused on her six children and career.

Just recently, the “Changeling” star reached out to Pitt to look after their kids as she would be away most of the time this summer to film her movie. The “Ad Astra” actor was reportedly over the moon because that would mean that he would be spending more time with his brood.

On Wednesday, Jolie was spotted with her daughter, Vivienne. The duo visited a pet store and Vivienne was later photographed carrying a gray rabbit carrier.

Jolie looked stunning in her white flowing sheer dress with loose sleeves and white frock underneath it. She accessorized with large brown sunglasses with brown sandals and matching brown handbag. She was carrying the supplies as they headed home.

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Angelina Jolie attends the premiere of Disney's "Dumbo" at El Capitan Theatre on March 11, 2019 in Los Angeles. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images