Are "Friends" stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow making a new TV show? A new rumor has claimed that the actresses are working on a secret project together but haven’t invited Jennifer Aniston to join them. But there is no proof supporting this claim.

Cox and Kudrow did meet a few days ago, but is there any truth to the story about them working on a secret TV project? According to Gossip Cop, a recent report claimed that Cox is planning to produce the new show through her production company, and Aniston felt “betrayed” after she was asked to work with them.

An “insider” apparently revealed that Kudrow and Cox have been wanting to work together ever since it became apparent that a “Friends” reunion isn’t going to happen. The insider reportedly added that Aniston and Kudrow “have never really seen eye to eyeand have always been a little jealous of each other’s friendship with Courtney, even to this day.”

However, multiple sources have confirmed that there is no secret TV show in the works to begin with for Aniston to be upset about, making the report nothing more than a fabrication. Cox was a guest at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month, and she was there to promote her Facebook series about pregnancy. Kudrow made a surprise appearance in that episode to support her former “Friends” co-star. There was no mention of a TV series in the works at the time, which is another indication that the rumor is false.

As for Aniston, she is actually producing and acting in a new TV show with Reese Witherspoon. The new series is for Apple and will be about morning television show. Aniston was previously spotted filming her scenes with director Mark Duplass in Los Angeles, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Witherspoon was also spotted on the set a few weeks back with the director. The picture that surfaced online on Entertainment Tonight teased one of her costumes on the new show.

Jennifer Aniston Rumor about Jennifer Ansiton debunked. In Picture: Actresses and event hosts Courteney Cox Arquette (L), Lisa Kudrow (C) and Jennifer Aniston pose after arriving at the 10th Annual Fire & Ice Ball 11 December 2000 in Beverly Hills, CA. Photo: Getty Images/Vince Bucci