Julia Roberts' marriage with Danny Moder is reportedly in trouble, claims a recent rumor. The two celebrities took a trip to Rome, but a tabloid story has stated that the trip was their last ditch effort to save the marriage and avoid a divorce.

Roberts and Moder went on a vacation to Italy recently. However, according to a rumor about the couple, this trip was planned in order to save their marriage. According to an “insider,” the plan didn’t go well because the two reportedly looked “miserable” during dinner.

The supposed source of the tabloid suggested that Roberts and Moder looked tense during dinner, and it seemed like they had an argument. The insider went on to claim that by the looks of things, the trip to avoid a divorce is “too little too late.”

Gossip Cop, however, has debunked this rumor. The first indication that this is a false story is that the supposed insider doesn’t reveal what sort of problems Roberts and her husband are facing. Also, there have been several moments in the past that showed that the two celebrities are happily married, and there is no indication of any trouble between them.

According to Us Weekly, Roberts and Moder looked “so cute” at the 2019 Golden Globes, an eyewitness at the event said. The actress was nominated in the best actress category. She didn’t win, but she was in the news for her and her husband's sweet moments that night.

According to a source, Moder’s hand was at his wife’s back as they watched Jeff Bridges’ speech. They later “wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.”

Roberts also shared a picture of her kissing her husband on Instagram, proving once again that their relationship is as sweet as ever. Roberts wrote in the post that she had a “fun night” with her “fella.” The couple had burgers that night, and the actress wished all her fans a “good (burger) night.”