Prince Andrew may reportedly be banished to Bermuda amid Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse scandal.

According to a tabloid, the Duke of York has been asked to keep a low profile while conversations about Epstein’s scandal are still ripe. And in order to save the monarchy from further shame caused by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s third child, the dad of two may be exiled to Bermuda.

An unnamed source claimed that the goal is simple: to get Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband out of the United Kingdom. A similar thing was done to the Queen’s uncle, Edward VIII, who was banished to the Bahamas after abdicating from the throne. In the 1930s, Edward VIII chose love over his role in the British monarchy.

The source went as far as saying that Prince William and Kate Middleton are two members of the royal family who want Prince Andrew out of their range as soon as possible.

“William believes that the monarchy will not survive if Andrew’s scandal erupts further. The royal family is hoping by shipping Andrew off to Bermuda, they can dodge or at least downplay any new sordid details of his parties with Epstein,” the source said.

As of late, none of these claims have been confirmed or denied by the palace. As such, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

Earlier this month, Prince Andrew denied any connection with his late friend’s misconduct. In a statement, the Duke of York said that he also didn’t have any inclination that Epstein was abusing anyone while they were hanging out.

However, some people are not convinced by Prince Andrew’s defense. In fact, royal experts have also encouraged him to give his deposition so that his name may be cleared for good.

Epstein was sent to jail amid claims that he sexually abused underage girls. While waiting for his trial, the businessman committed suicide. The news shocked the nation, especially those who have been hoping to get justice from what Epstein did to them.