Ever wondered what it's like to bare a striking similarity to one of the biggest names in Hollywood? It's a struggle Demetrius Shipp Jr., who was recently cast in "All Eyez on Me" as Tupac Shakur, knows all to well.  The rising star spoke candidly about being compared to the "Changes" rapper his whole life and the conspiracy theories that have come with it.

TMZ caught up with Shipp at LAX shortly after he landed to begin filming for "All Eyez on Me." The publication was able to fire off a few questions, mostly centered on his appearance. When asked how long he's been getting called Tupac, or Pac, Shipp admitted that it's been "a long time." He said the comparisons to the late rapper began in high school and continued on from there. He revealed that while working at Target during his formative years he was regularly called Pac.

While Shipp seems flattered by the comparisons, he's none too keen on conspiracy theories surrounding Tupac's death, which occurred in Las Vegas in 1996. He told TMZ he doesn't buy into stories claiming that the rapper is still alive and in hiding, which frequently crop up when others who bare any sort of resemblance to him are seen out.

"Nah, I don't believe any of that. I don't buy none of that," he said. 

As International Business Times previously reported, filming for "All Eyez on Me" started this month in Atlanta. The film is being directed by Benny Boom and produced by L.T. Hutton. Much of the cast remains a secret, though it is known for certain that Shipp will be the film's star. It has also been reported that Kat Graham of "The Vampire Diaries" was cast as Jada Pinkett along with Jamal Woolard, who will reprise his "Notorious" role as Biggie Smalls. Bossip reported that the film will focus on Tupac's rise to fame as well as his time signed to Death Row Records. "All Eyez on Me" will also cover his tragic death.