Rap music star Tupac Shakur died September 13, six days after being shot four times while riding in a car in Las Vegas. Shakur had been in critical condition since he was shot and had a lung removed in one of two operations. Shakur is shown here at the MTV Music Video Awards in New York September 4. Reuters

Almost fifteen years after the death of rapper Tupac, a sex tape has surfaced allegedly showing the artist receiving oral sex during a house party, TMZ reported.

The tape, shot in 1991, depicts the rapper walking into a house party with his pants down to his ankles and his shirt off. He walks towards a woman who pulls him forward and starts performing oral sex while an unreleased Tupac song is playing in the background, the report suggests.

According to TMZ , who claim to have seen the tape, there is continuous dancing throughout the tape and Money B from Digital Underground also makes an appearance.

The person in possession of the tape has told TMZ that they are thinking of releasing it. If the artist really does appear in the alleged tape he will be added to the long line of celebrities to have featured in sex tape scandals that have leaked online.

The most recent case involves Rihanna who has been reported to feature in a sex tape that shows her together with rapper J-cole who opened her Loud tour, and featured in her Can't Get Enough Video

Hustler magazine claims to have seen the tape but have not yet confirmed whether they will be releasing it.

Hollywood star, Rob Lowe, also fell victim to a sex tape leak this year, although he said it was the best think that could happen to him. The actor claims that the tape showing him having intercourse with two women 20 years ago stimulated his alcohol addiction.

According to Lowe the more he drank after the release of the tape the more he was pushed toward addressing his addiction and becoming sober.

A tape of Lindsay Lohan allegedly frolicking naked with a man in LA also surfaced, with a threat that it would be leaked to an offshore Porn Site

In 2003, Paris Hilton's sex tape with Rick Salomon went all around the world. She tried to ban it but later agreed to its release and now receives profits from it.

Tupac was an American rapper and actor and sold 75 million albums worldwide before he was shot in 1996 at a Las Vegas metropolitan area.