Tupac Shakur is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Since his death in 1996, millions of his albums have sold and new releases have surfaced throughout the years. Now, it looks like more never before heard material has popped up along with some of his personal belongings. Fans may now have the opportunity to own Tupac music that's never been released and notebooks where the slain rapper scribbled down ideas. 

TMZ reports that unreleased CDs and three notebooks have surfaced from the deceased rapper. The material popped up when someone answered a Craigslist ad about baseball cards and the seller ended up having Tupac belongings after the seller's father previously worked for the "Changes" rapper.

The items are expected to go on sale on the website Moments in Time. In October, a letter Tupac wrote from jail in 1995 surfaced and was being sold for $225,000. The new material is also expected to be sold at a high price. TMZ said two pages in the found notebook that contains ideas for his "Point The Finga" music video is expected to go for $35,000. However, it's believed that Tupac's mother, Afeni, will try to stop the sale of her son's property.

According to Rolling Stone, Afeni has been working with JAM, Inc, who are planning a release of Tupac's music he never got out. JAM, Inc was given access to her collection of her sons unreleased music, demos, remixes and ideas. Although there have been several releases since the rapper passed away, the label plans a "total reset of the Shakur estate." No date has been announced for when the music will be released.

While fans wait to hear unreleased material, a movie will soon be released about the life of Tupac, called "All Eyez On Me." Demetrius Shipp Jr. will star as the rapper and is also expected to be joined by Kat Graham, Jada Pinkett and Jamal Woolard, who will reprise his role as the Notorious B.I.G. The film will take viewers through the rapper's rise to fame and will also cover his tragic death.

Tupac was shot and killed in September 1996 in Las Vegas. There are also people who believe a conspiracy theory that the rapper is still alive and is just hiding out somewhere. They point to this as the reason so much new material keeps turning up.