A turtle came out of nowhere and struck the windshield of a moving vehicle, smashing it, as the passengers escaped without serious injuries.

Latonya Lark told WSAV-TV that she was driving in Savannah, Ga., on May 12 when the turtle flew through the air before striking the car’s windshield, which was left partly smashed in the impact. Lark said she initially mistook the reptile for a brick.

“I thought it was a brick, and I told [my brother], ‘my God, there’s a brick!” she told the station, adding that she started slowing down the vehicle right after noticing its approach.

The turtle was left hanging halfway in and halfway out after bursting through the windshield on the passenger’s side. Lark’s brother, Kevin Grant, who was in the backseat, was covered in pieces of glass before he could process anything.

“When the glass broke, the first thing that came to my mind was just to shield myself, so it was just like, you know, turn and just cover,” Grant told the station, adding that he only suffered a small cut.

Grant calmed his sister down and urged her to alert the cops after pulling over. The responding officers of the Chatham County Police Department told the station that it was not clear how the turtle went airborne.

Lark believed that the preceding vehicle might have hit the turtle at first, sending it off in the air and toward their vehicle. “Even the police officer said if that glass wasn’t as thick as it was and I didn’t slow down the way I did when I saw the object coming, it would’ve been disastrous,” Lark continued.

The turtle was alive when the officers arrived, except it lost one of its legs. Officers removed it safely, wrapped it in a blanket, and took it to Savannah Animal Care for treatment. However, it later died.

“The turtle got cited, but of course he didn’t have insurance and he couldn’t get a lawyer, so I wound up having to pay a deductible and everything else,” Lark told the station.

Lark’s windshield has since been replaced. The siblings told the station that they realized anything can happen without a moment’s notice.

Green Sea Turtle
Image: A green sea turtle hatchling facing the incoming wave. Pixabay