Fans of the Twilight series are in for a treat as Summit Entertainment studios officially released a short teaser trailer of its latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Tuesday.

In the 15-second snippet, twi-hard fans can get a fleeting glimpse of Bella Swan storming super fast through the woods thanks to her newly acquired vampire skills. The teaser quickly cuts to Taylor Lautner's character Jacob and to Robert Pattinson, who as Edward says, We're the same temperature now.

Since there's no shot of Kristen Stewart, other than her wedding ring-clad hand touching Edward's, it's assumed that the studio wishes to keep her transformation hidden from fans till the movie releases in November this year.

Now that's probably uncalled for since fans have already got a taste of Bella's new avatar in a recent teaser video which fans quickly posted on the web. The video featured Bella's first look as a bloodthirsty vampire with red eyes and pale skin.

According to the Daily Mail, a full length trailer will be debuted on theaters the same day The Hunger Games is released on March 23.

Here's a brief look at the teaser trailer of the highly anticipated The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2: