• Meghan Markle was accused of trying to upstage Prince Louis on the latter's 3rd birthday
  • Markle's pictures with Archie made headlines around the same time the palace released Prince Louis' birthday pictures
  • Twitter users have mixed opinions on the issue with some blaming Markle and others defending her

Meghan Markle allegedly attempted to steal the limelight from Prince Louis after her photos with Archie made headlines, Twitter users claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been very keen on keeping their son, Archie, away from the press. They rarely share photos of him, but Markle stepped out with her baby the day before Prince Louis' 3rd birthday and her photos with her son raised some eyebrows as many netizens thought she was trying to upstage Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest son.

"Really low behavior to do this tonight. Obviously the rift with William & Catherine is as bad as ever. Her smirk says it all, set up & deliberately stage managed to upstage a 3 year old," one commented on her photo with angry face emoji.

"Since no one will pay for a pic of Archie she might as well use him to bomb Louis’ birthday. She’s so obviously enraged re: all the attention & positive press Catherine received during PP funeral & that Harry wasn’t cheered on his return to the UK & was snubbed by the RF," another added.

"Happy birthday Prince Louis, boss boy. Archie’s adorable but Meghan come on, we know the game," a third user wrote.

"Meghan Narckle just couldn’t help herself could she? Just in time for Louis and his 3rd birthday. Do people not find it odd that stories like this are released every time a member of the royal family announces something? A coincidence?" a fourth netizen asked.

"It is such a weird coincidence that there hasn't been any paparazzi photos of Meghan & Archie in over a year but today hmmm and getting published online right when Louis' photo is released. Weird," a fifth netizen added.

Meanwhile, many also defended Markle saying it wasn't her fault if her pictures with Archie overshadowed Prince Louis' birthday pictures that were taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. A number sided with the Duchess of Sussex saying she doesn’t have to consider the royals in everything she does.

"If 2 pap photos are overshadowing a birthday photoshoot then yall need to take that up with God cause it ain't Meghan and Archie's fault," a Markle supporter tweeted.

"This look so coordinated with KP its disgusting. It seems KP wants some press attention for their 3 yr old and this is their best shot...The pic of A & M was posted @ 5:15, KP release theirs at 5:30. The desperation on that island is real man," another wrote blaming Kensington Palace.

"If a paparazzi picture can outsell a picture taken by Perfect Kate then who's fault is that? I hope Louis enjoys his birthday though," a third netizen added.

"Every single time there is something happening with her they will say she's upstaging someone from that family: Camilla, Charlie, queen, Eugenie, Beatrice, Kate, Will, the kids she should just put her life on hold to make the insecure inbreds feel better lol," a fourth netizen commented.

Another netizen said it wasn't Markle's fault because the photos were taken the other day, but the press released them around the same time the palace released Prince Louis' birthday photos.

"The paparazzi photos of Meghan & Archie were taken yesterday. The Murdoch press purchased it & have intentionally released it today to coincide with The Prince Louis birthday photo. This was intentional," the netizen tweeted.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their son Archie are residing in Los Angeles, California.
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan took their baby son Archie on the tour of southern Africa. POOL/HENK KRUGER