Showtime’s hit series Homeland made its highly anticipated third season premiere on September 29th. Since then, few things have happened that actually coincidence with the story line from the previous two seasons. Some critics even go as far as to say that Homeland has officially lost its plot.  

The season premiere focused on Dana Brody, the daughter of run-away terrorist Sgt. Nicholas Brody and her attempted suicide. Since the finale of season two, the gravity of what her father was allegedly done has apparently sunk in and Dana has become a full-fledged liability. The premiere opens with Dana in a therapy session discussing her attempted suicide and how far she has come in the healing process.

Later, Dana’s mother, Jessica Brody is ready to take her home. The transition, as per usual, is intensely awkward. However, the moment was overshadowed by the following episode in which Dana runs away from home and goes back to the Looney-bin to seek comfort for her boyfriend who’s still on the inside. There, they engaged in the most awkward pre-pubescent love scene in television history.

From there, a whirlwind of Dana Brody haters started speaking their minds. Fans took to Twitter almost immediately to voice their opinions. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty: