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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 04: Prince Harry visits the NHS Manchester Resilience Hub on September 4, 2017 in Manchester, England. Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images


  • Doron Weber claimed in a tweet that Prince Harry said he never heard the word "therapy" in the royal family
  • Some accused Prince Harry of lying because he previously said Prince William encouraged him to go into therapy
  • Others were unconvinced because Prince Harry co-founded Heads Together, a mental health initiative, in 2016

Several netizens slammed Prince Harry after reading a tweet that he never heard the word "therapy" within the royal household.

The Duke of Sussex opened up about his mental health at the inaugural Masters of Scale Summit on Wednesday. Doron Weber, VP and program director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, was present at the event and tweeted something Prince Harry said from the event.

"Prince Harry says growing up in the royal family & and then spending 10 years in the military, he never heard the words 'therapy' or 'coaching,'" Weber tweeted before adding, "Then the blinkers came off and his life changed."

The tweet raised several eyebrows because Prince Harry worked with Prince William and Kate Middleton for Heads Together, a mental health initiative spearheaded by the Royal Foundation, which included the Duke of Sussex, in 2016, years before he decided to split his household and foundation from his brother.

Heads Together seeks to tackle the stigma and change the conversation on mental health by fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services. So, Weber's post received mixed responses online, with many calling out Prince Harry for allegedly lying.

"Harry is a liar," one wrote. Another added, "Oh what a tangled Web he has weaved while practicing to deceive you all."

"He told the JP Morgan audience he started having counseling at 28, which was in 2012! He can't keep his lies straight!" one commented.

"Does this man ever stop lying, and why does he continue to get a platform to do so?" a fourth user asked.

Some jokingly responded "recollections may vary." Queen Elizabeth used the statement when she responded to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's allegations against the royal family in their interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021.

"Recollections may vary," one wrote with a rolling on the floor laughing emoji alongside a clip of Prince Harry talking about Heads Together and why he and the Prince and Princess of Wales started the mental health initiative.

"Recollections may vary... how can Harry deny his publicly documented history?" another added.

Meanwhile, some opted to defend Prince Harry.

"Heads together, 2016. H left Army [in] 2015. He never heard therapy being preach[ed] before that...where is the lie?" one wrote.

But several argued with the netizen. One said, "They had been involved in mental health issues long before they decided to start Heads Together."

Several also claimed that they were not convinced with Prince Harry because his mom Princess Diana and dad King Charles also went into therapy, pointing out that it's not unknown in the royal household.

American journalist and author Sally Bedell Smith claimed in her 2017 book "Prince Charles: The Passions And Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life'" that King Charles had "14 years of therapy" to deal with his failed relationship with Princess Diana. The late Princess of Wales reportedly only met Dr. Alan McGlashan eight times, but King Charles sought treatment for 14 years and ended his sessions mid-1990s.

Prince Harry
NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 26: Prince Harry waves as he leaves Nottingham's new Central Police Station on October 26, 2016 in Nottingham, England. Joe Giddins - WPA Pool/Getty Images