Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen attend a 2019 gala in Los Angeles, California


  • Tom Brady shared two photos of him hanging out by the pool with his 13-year-old son Benjamin
  • The pictures, which showed Benjamin sitting on his dad's lap, raised some eyebrows
  • Some social media users claimed it was inappropriate because Brady's son is already a teenager

Tom Brady's sweet poolside photos of him and his teen son Benjamin raised some eyebrows.

The NFL star, 45, took to his Instagram Story Friday to document a pool outing with the 13-year-old over the holidays, People reported.

One of the photos the seven-time Super Bowl champion shared featured him kissing his son on the back of his head as the teenager smiled at the camera. The second shot showed Benjamin sitting on his dad's lap with his legs stretched out on top of Brady's as they lounge by the water.

"Love this boy," Brady captioned the images, adding a heart emoji.

However, Twitter users had mixed feelings about the father and son's photos, with some calling them inappropriate.

"As an active father, there are certain games we don't play. There should be no reason his grown a-- son should be sitting in between his legs, and he's kissing him on the back of his neck. As if his wife doing witchcraft before his games isn't weird enough," one Twitter user wrote.

Another user thought the photos were "kinda weird," while a third person said, "I really don't like this."

"If he was 5, I'd understand. This just awkward though," another claimed.

But many others defended Brady, saying that such gestures of affection are normal between parents and their children.

"Our world is weird, that's a father who loves his son," one person tweeted.

"What makes this so strange? It's HIS kid. Different families show different types of affection towards their children. Nothing really 'strange' about a father showing love to his own son," a different user commented.

"Because different families show many ways of affection, it's fine that you might not understand that because the way you grew up was different but to judge someone else about how they and their families get along is ludicrous," another wrote.

"The only weird thing is you guys sexualizing this and making it more than it is. Y'all creepy," a fourth person said.

Brady had a belated Christmas gathering with all three of his children: Benjamin, Vivian, 10, and Jack, 15. He shares his two younger kids with his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen and Jack with ex Bridget Moynahan.

Benjamin and Vivian spent Christmas with their mom in Brazil, while Brady had a game in Arizona.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback shared on social media snaps to show fans how they celebrated the holiday.

His first post was a drawing titled "Bennys Self Portrait" that featured Vivian, Benjamin and Jack as anime characters. The second post was the "real thing," showing Vivian between her two brothers as they all posed in front of a Christmas tree.

It was Brady's first Christmas and New Year since his divorce from Bundchen. The footballer and the Brazilian supermodel finalized their divorce on Oct. 28 after months of speculations of them having marital troubles over his decision to un-retire from the NFL.

NFL superstar Tom Brady has officially confirmed his retirement from the NFL
NFL superstar Tom Brady has officially confirmed his retirement from the NFL GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / Maddie Meyer