• Prince William and Kate Middleton are allegedly having marital problems
  • Carole and Kate are being blamed for the duchess' Tatler cover
  • Rumors of William cheating on Kate with Rose Hanbury surfaced last year

Twitter users speculate that Kate Middleton and Prince William might be having marital problems after Tatler announced that the duchess is gracing the cover of its latest issue.

Tatler recently announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will be gracing the cover of its July-August issue. The publication also praised Middleton and even called her “Catherine the Great” in the snippet of the magazine’s cover story that features the duchess.

But the story raised eyebrows because the sources mentioned in it were allegedly from the Cambridge’s circle and there was a lot of comparison beween the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex.

One insider claimed that Middleton and Meghan Markle fought over a pair of tights. The future queen reportedly wanted the bridesmaids to wear tights to stick to the royal protocol, but Markle disagreed. However, the bridesmaids ended up not wearing tights.

Another insider said that Middleton knows how to keep her staff unlike Markle. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge who has “impeccable manners” reportedly reprimanded her sister-in-law for “speaking imperiously” to the staff.

Several were not happy with the report because they felt that the praises given to Middleton sounded desperate and overdone. For them, the story used Markle to highlight the good side of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Furthermore, the report revived Prince William's alleged cheating scandal. Some Twitter users speculated that Middleton and her mom, Carole, were behind the report. The mother and daughter allegedly want Middleton to look good in the eyes of the public because the royal couple reportedly have marital problems.

Middleton and Carole allegedly knew that if the public would support the duchess, Prince William would not leave her. The netizens claimed that gracing the cover is Middleton’s way of holding on to the throne.

“Let me put this very simply that this has nothing to do with Meghan. This appears to be a woman fighting tooth & nail to make herself relevant so she becomes Queen & is not replaced. Perhaps they think if the public loves her, the husband will not leave,” one user wrote on Twitter.

The Duke of Cambridge was accused of cheating on Middleton with Rose Hanbury last year. The netizens are now convinced that the Cambridges’ marriage is on the rocks as a result of the cheating scandal. Meanwhile, another user claimed that the future king and queen are no longer living together.

“The Rumor is William is not living with them at Amner [sic] Hall and they’re separated. The first few zoom calls they did had diff backgrounds but they joined up for the more recent ones. Who knows....,” @A_A_Lou wrote.

“I didnt think of it this way but it does make sense. It looks like they have marriage problems and Will is looking to leave her. This could be Kate and Carol's way of holding onto the throne,” @WayWen4 added.

“William cheating is getting intense and Kate and her mother are trying desperate to get the people to rally behind her when William is exposed they are setting the narrative for the public to bash William [sic] new love interest who ever [sic] this woman is. Kate is very threaten[ed] by her,” @Rowdyfrederika opined.

However, not everyone believes that Middleton arranged everything to grace Tatler’s cover. Several netizens defended Middleton and blamed the magazine. A number also put the blame on Markle since she is the one who has connections within Tatler.

Another netizen said that the cover story is “nonsense,” adding that the editor knew Middleton, but there was no evidence that they were friends since they have no photos together and she was not invited to the royal wedding.

More importantly, Middleton has been with the royal family for almost a decade and none of her friends ever spoke with a magazine. Some netizens are convinced that there is no reason for them to start talking about the duchess at present.

Furthermore, Prince William already denied the cheating rumors involving him and Hanbury. Also, a photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Hanbury and her husband circulated online earlier this year. They attended the first Sunday service of the year together, and this showed that they were on good terms.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William and Kate Middleton attend the 1st Battalion Irish Guards St Patrick's Day Parade at Cavalry Barracks on March 17, 2019 in Hounslow, England. Getty Images/Gareth Fuller