• A video showing an incredible bond between 2 dogs went viral on social media
  • Kevin and Captain are both golden retrievers
  • These two, according to the owners, are best friends
  • The video showed a glimpse Kevin and Captain’s fun playdate
  • It also showed how the two reacted when their playdate was over

There are many clips uploaded on various social media platforms showing bonds between dogs and men but this video just showed the entire world an incredible between two golden retrievers.

It was a regular day to some but for Captain and Kevin, that day was extra special because it was their sleepover day. In the video, shared by The Dodo on Facebook and Twitter, Captain was seen dashing towards the lawn to greet Kevin.

The golden retrievers' owners revealed, in an interview, that the playdate happens at least once a week. They said Kevin and Captain would watch a movie together, eat popcorn and have candle-lit dinners.

The owners would also set up a tent for the mini camping and read books to the dogs. The golden retrievers reportedly love to do things together and even share on one water bowls even though there were two.

Captain’s owner revealed that they had to spell out Kevin’s name. She said that whenever Captain hears even the slightest mention of Kevin’s name, he would wake up from a “dead sleep” and run towards the door.

The owners described their dogs as “equally crazy.” They took breaks once in a while, but these dogs could go for hours of playing and wrestling.

The way these golden retrievers look at each other was captivating. That look was described by their owners as “if they were in love.”

This moment was captured by Captain’s owner, who posted a clip of the two golden retrievers on Instagram (@captainthegoldenretriever).

“Best friends Captain and Kevin having a moment,” the Instagram post said, describing the gesture as unconditional love.

“Dog sitting @agoldennamedkevin for a few hours today and when they’re not going insane they stare into each other’s eyes,” the caption continued. “This went on for 46 seconds.”

Everyone in the neighborhood reportedly knew the golden retrievers and how close they were. Captain’s owner said that whenever they see him, they would instantaneously ask where Kevin was.

Both dogs were saddened when their playdate came to an end as the owners recalled Captain running after the car and Kevin poking out his face, looking back at Captain. The scenario was captured and posted on Instagram by Kevin’s owner.

Golden Retriever Another Golden Retriever shows off its darker coat. Photo: IBTimes/Julia Greenberg