A search and rescue mission was underway Tuesday after two snowboarders went missing in the Mt. Baker ski area in Washington earlier this week. Both men, who are in their 20’s, were reported missing by their roommate after they failed to return Sunday.

The unidentified men planned to spend the day skiing Sunday and return home that night, according to KIRO-TV. The snowboarders’ car was found in the parking lot.

“The areas thought to be most likely to be used by backcountry skiers were checked as safely as possible by searchers with no clues found and no sign of the missing snowboarders,’ said Undersheriff Jeff Parks, according to the Bellingham Herald. “The weather during the day created extremely hazardous conditions, heavy snow and high wind, creating avalanche and visibility concerns.”

A previous search conducted Monday was called off that afternoon but was started again Tuesday morning. Forecasts predicted more than 30 inches of snow in the area within the next 24 hours, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

“Extreme conditions are expected to continue and will be devalued for the possibility of further searching,” Parks said. “However, it is quite possible that conditions will be too hazardous to send volunteers out.”

The families of both men had been alerted to the situation, and family and friends were expected to gather Wednesday at the ski hill to search should the weather permit it.

In a different situation a snowboarder who went missing in the Mt. Baker ski area in February 2016 was found after two nights, authorities said. Oliver Smith got separated from his friend when he went down an out of bounds slope while snowboarding. He managed to survive as more than 14 inches of snow fell by building makeshift shelters from tree branches and his snowboard and drinking drainage water, according to the Bellingham Herald.