Ubisoft wants to discuss the Nintendo Switch with its fans. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

Game developer Ubisoft has already committed to making games for the Nintendo Switch, but it looks like it wants some help from fans first.

Reddit user “dapera” recently shared an email sent to him by Ubosoft. “If You are a Nintendo Switch player, Ubisoft would love to hear your thoughts,” the game developer said on its email. The email seems to have only been sent to some members of Uplay, Ubisoft’s PC games portal.

Ubisoft has partnered with Qual-Box to organize an online discussion that will take place from April 5 to April 9, and from June 21 and June 25. “Nintendo Switch users across the world will be gathering online to share their thoughts and experiences using their webcam or their keyboard,” Ubisoft said.

“Participation will involve about an hour of your time each day during each period, at whatever time works for you.” Ubisoft will also be paying participants up to $50 worth of credits. However, it wasn’t made clear if it’s Uplay or Nintendo Switch credits.

Ubisoft’s games for Nintendo systems have generally done well. Even its Wii U games like “Rayman Legends” and “Just Dance” titles gained a level of success at the time, as pointed out by Gaming Bolt.

Unlike the Wii U, it does look like the Nintendo Switch is being received well by fans and critics despite the common complaint of lack of games. Ubisoft’s plan to survey players could be the developer’s way of further gauging interest for its games for the Switch console.

Back in January, Ubisoft confirmed that it will be releasing four games for the Nintendo Switch. “Just Dance 2017” was released on March 3 alongside the launch of the Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft is planning on bringing “Steep” and “Rayman Legends Definitive Edition” to the system, and even a “surprise” game. Ubisoft is also currently being rumored to be working on a “Super Mario” and “Rabbids” crossover RPG game as well.