The alleged UC Berkeley gunman who was shot and killed by campus police after brandishing a loaded gun on campus was student at the school.

The university spokesman Dan Mogulof on Wednesday told The Associated Press that Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis, 32, was an undergraduate student in his first semester, attending Haas School of Business.

Travis was taken to an Oakland hospital where he succumbed to his injury on Tuesday.

UC Berkley officials have told the media that after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, a staff member initially saw a man carrying what looked like a gun while in an elevator at the business school.

UC Berkeley Police Chief Mitch Celaya told the Los Angeles Times that the student pressed the button for the third floor and while the woman pressed the button for the fifth floor.

The student then looked at the woman and pulled out what appeared to be a gun from a backpack. He then put the alleged weapon back, police said, and the staff woman then told her supervisor of the incident. They both went to the computer lab, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The police were called in shortly after the woman reported seeing the man removing the gun from a backpack.

The AP reported that officers tracked the suspect into a Haas computer lab where he raised the loaded gun and was shot by an officer around 2:22 p.m.

The student then pulled a firearm out of his backpack and displayed it in a threatening manner, Celaya told the Los Angeles Times.

UC Chancellor Robert Birgeneau on Tuesday told the media that four students were between the officer and the suspect, but they weren't hurt in the shooting.

Mogulof told The AP that there wasn't any evidence to suggest that Travis intended to harm others.

Learn more about the incident in the below video from The AP.