• UFO expert Scott Waring spotted an alleged alien vessel near the Apollo 11 spacecraft
  • Waring saw the image in a NASA archive photo taken during the historic mission
  • The alleged UFO in the photo could be a piece of debris floating in space 

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a UFO flying near NASA’s Apollo 11 spacecraft. The expert believes the alleged alien vessel was observing the spacecraft as it launched from Earth.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base came across the image of the alleged UFO while going through the website Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, which features images taken during NASA’s previous space missions.

One of the photos that caught Waring’s attention was captured by NASA during the Apollo 11 mission. Apollo 11 is probably known as the most famous and notable mission by NASA since it was the first expedition that landed astronauts on the Moon.

The mission was officially launched on July 16, 1969, and featured the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins.

The image featured by Waring in his latest blog post shows a photo of Earth taken from the Apollo 11 capsule. Based on the details of the image, it was most likely taken shortly after the Apollo 11 mission took off.

After examining the image, Waring noted that a strange whitish object could be seen just outside Earth. Waring believes that the object was an alien vessel that was observing Apollo 11.

Like humans on Earth, the UFO expert believed that the aliens were also fascinated by the mission due to its historical significance.

“The UFO is in Earth’s orbit and it’s far from Earth, but closer to the Apollo 11 module,” Waring stated in a blog post. “It makes sense that aliens would want to watch such a historical mission as this one. I mean this is Apollo 11 mission, which took three men to the Moon.”

Waring noted that since the photo was taken using the most advanced camera in 1969, the object that appeared in the image was most likely not a glitch or anomaly. However, it is possible that Apollo 11’s camera accidentally caught a photo of a piece of space debris floating outside Earth.

The object might have come from Apollo 11’s launch vehicle, which is the Saturn V rocket. It could also be a piece of space junk that came from a previous mission.

Apollo 11
Photo taken by the Apollo 11 mission. NASA