A UFO enthusiast claims that some “UFOs” were spotted flying over Liberty, Missouri. These UFOs, he said, might be the same “UFOs” seen in other cities in the Midwestern U.S. state.

Prominent conspiracy theorist and self-titled astrobiologist Scott Waring found an entry on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) featuring footage of what the owner claims to be “lights” floating in the sky. These lights, according to Waring, are “orbs.”

In an entry on the ET Database, Waring claimed that there are at least “three or more orbs” in the video, which he also shared to YouTube. Some of the orbs, he said, won’t be visible unless the video is played in full screen. Waring said the location where the orbs are spotted is near Kansas city, which means these same “orbs” are the “same UFOs” that have been seen and reported in other areas in Missouri.

Waring also claimed that a plane, that was flying in the video, could be seen tilting from side to side several times so that it can “view” the UFOs without any obstruction from the plane’s wings. He then claimed that the pilot, whoever he or she is, “has close up photos of these UFOs” as the plane was just “about 30-50 meters from” the “orbs.”

Further investigation

Being the UFO researcher that he is, Waring said “further investigation” from Liberty locals is “necessary” for the mystery to be revealed. He said Liberty doesn’t have a huge population, and those who are interested to get some “close up photos” won’t have a hard time identifying who that airplane pilot is.

Waring also urged Liberty locals, particularly the one who took the video, to take the video to the airport so the airport personnel can check the local flight plan for “details” related to the case.

Interesting details

Interestingly, when one watches the video uploaded to YouTube, he or she will notice that the video was cut in certain points.

At one point, a kid, presumably a young family member to the one taking the video, can be heard saying “is that a star?” The person taking the video simply dismissed the kid, and cut it at the moment where the child could be heard talking.

According to Earthsky.org, there are many things that can be seen in the daytime sky -- and some of them resemble the “orbs” Waring claimed as “UFOs.” These daytime sky items include stars, planets, satellites, and other things like comets and meteors.

NASA Mars sun set On May 19th, 2005, NASA Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars. This Panoramic Camera Pancam mosaic was taken around 6:07 in the evening of the rover 489th martian day. Photo: NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell