“Kill Bill” star Uma Thurman turned heads on the red carpet at the premiere party for her new NBC miniseries, “The Slap,” Monday in New York City -- except this time it wasn’t for a good reason. Normally, fans are in awe of the 44-year-old’s natural beauty, but Thurman’s drastic look Monday sparked plastic surgery rumors on social media. However, the only thing she changed was her makeup, Thurman told Savannah Guthrie on the "Today" show Thursday.

Guthrie wasn’t shy to address Thurman’s strange appearance Monday, especially since she looked like herself again Thursday. "I know I look weird!" Thurman told Guthrie Thursday. "I don't know, I guess nobody liked my makeup."

And she isn’t going to try that look again. "We saw how well the dark lipstick worked the other night!” she joked. Though, it might have been more about her lack of eyeliner and mascara and less about the lipstick that threw people off.

While cosmetic surgery rumors still swirled, Mark Norfolk, clinical director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail that Thurman might have had surgery under her eyes. “The thing that strikes me most is that her eye area looks very different," he said. "It looks as though she's had a recent lower blepharoplasty treatment, also known as eye bag removal. She isn't wearing any eyeliner or mascara, probably in order to avoid infection from the new surgery.”

Though people had plenty of negative things to say about Thurman’s makeup, she didn’t seem fazed. "You take the good with the bad," Quentin Tarantino’s muse explained. "I've been doing this for years and years and years -- people say things nice and they say things mean and it's like whatever.”

“The Slap” premieres on NBC Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. Peter Sarsgaard, Thandie Newton and Zachary Quinto join Thurman in what was called a “star-studded drama” by the Los Angeles Times. For those interested in the new series, the Internet Movie Database gives the following description: “A once happy family suddenly begins to fall apart following a seemingly minor incident in which a man slaps another couple's misbehaving child.”

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