Unauthorized 90210
Jennie Garth (Abbie Cobb) was involved in a few of the shocking moments from "The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story," but Brian Austin Green (Ross Linton) stayed away from the drama. Lifetime

The drama in “Beverly Hills, 90210” wasn’t just on screen, according to Lifetime. During the premiere of “The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story” Saturday night, plenty of fighting, sexism and shocking stories about the teen show were revealed. Like all of the network’s true stories, the movie showed some behind-the-scenes drama viewers had heard rumors about, along with a few stories that the cast never told (which, like their other unauthorized flicks, may or may not be true). Check out some of the juiciest behind-the-scenes moments below:

1. Shannen and Jennie’s Fight -- Shannen Doherty (Samantha Munro) and Jennie Garth (Abbie Cobb) weren’t just throwing catty comments at each other. Shannen tried to start a physical fight with Jennie.

2. Backlash To Brenda Losing Her Virginity -- When Brenda had sex and didn’t show any remorse, advertisers were angry. Creator Darren Star (Adam Korson), the future executive producer of "Sex and the City," was told that a teenage girl can lose her virginity on TV, but she isn’t allowed to enjoy it.

3. Ageism -- Gabrielle Carteris (Michele Goyns) was told that she probably wouldn’t make it as an actress shortly before earning the role of Andrea on “90210.” People thought she was too old and not sexy enough.

4. The Women Fought Over Clothing -- The movie showed some pretty ridiculous fights. In one scene, Shannen, Jennie and Tori (Abby Ross) fight over who can wear a red dress in a promotional photo shoot.

5. Ian Warned Shannen About Getting Fired -- Ian Ziering (David Lennon) tried to convince Shannen that she should worry about getting fired. However, the actress was more interested in driving his new sports car.

6. The Set Wasn’t Glamorous -- While the cast thought they’d be in a fancy set, they were disappointed to find that the pilot was given a run-down set that was next to a porn studio.

7. Presidental Fans -- Teenagers everywhere weren’t the only ones watching “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Ronald Reagan revealed that he and his wife Nancy watched the series.

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