The hit CBS drama, “Under the Dome,” will be returning to our small screens come June 30 with a second season. And you better believe we’ll be watching to see how the science fiction drama, based on Stephen King’s same name novel, pans out.

Since the Brian K. Vaughan TV series aired its Season 1 finale in the summer of 2013, fans have been scouring the Web for clues of what to expect when the Season 2 premiere airs. And finally our burning inquiries have been answered thanks to a dramatic 20-second clip and an eerie promotional image that has been leaked online.

But before we dive into the future, let’s talk about the past -- specifically of what occurred during the dramatic last episode of the first season. In “Curtains,” the dome-trapped civilians experienced a blackout when spastic butterflies caused the walls of the translucent bubble to turn dark, thus creating havoc throughout the town of Chester’s Mills.

Barbie and Julia soon figure out that the only way to save their town from permanent darkness is by keeping the egg safe. By doing so, they are rewarded with light. However, they find themselves between a rock and a hard place when the Monarch (Julie) has to choose between keeping the egg out of Big Jim’s clutches or saving Barbie’s life.

When we last saw Barbie he was sporting a noose around his neck courtesy of Junior and Big Jim. But Julia refuses to hand over the egg, thus sacrificing Barbie’s life for the sake of the town. She throws the egg into the lake and pink stars begin to illuminate the sky. Big Jim thinks it’s the Lord blessing Barbie’s hanging. The stars begin to erase the black “curtain” from the dome and replace it with a blinding white light. Next thing we hear is Big Jim telling his son to pull the latch in hopes of dropping Barbie to his death.

However, in the Season 2 premiere promo we see Barbie still standing on the platform with his life.

“I think the dome is trying to tell us something,” an officer says to Big Jim. Could the light be an omen to save Barbie’s life? Perhaps. The next thing we see is several of civilians involuntarily collapsing to the floor and being pulled by an invisible force. We then hear Big Jim scream into the air, surrounded by fallen bodies, “Tell me what to do! Tell me.” But it seems as his plea for knowledge is unanswered. Could Big Jim be the only survivor? If he was, that would be a punishment fit for a criminal to spend the remainder of his life surrounded by the rotting bodies of family members and friends.

Hey, you can’t call us completely crazy! Vaughan did say that “no one” would be safe this season. What do you think will happen when the CBS series returns on Monday, June 30 at 10 p.m. EDT? Let us know in the comments section below.