The residents of Chester’s Mill have faced their fair share of disasters from axe-swinging murders to suffocating dust storms, but now the characters of the hit CBS series “Under the Dome” will endure their most life-threatening catastrophe yet: a freeze over. “Under the Dome” aired its eleventh episode, “Black Ice,” on Monday, Sept. 8, and it was by far the most chilling installment we’ve seen thus far as we watched the entire town of Chester’s Mill turn into a slab of ice.

But the drop in temperature wasn’t the most shocking aspect of tonight’s episode. Check out the 5 wildest moments from “Black Ice”  below:

1. The Dome Moves: Joe, Norrie and Hunter learned during episode 11 that the dome is rotating. When Joe touches the icy wall of the dome it begins to move. But as the dome wall sinks below the ground Joe realizes he’s unable to free his palm from the dome’s frozen clutches. Clearly he’s never seen “A Christmas Story.” After a few tugs Norrie and Hunter help Joe rip his hand from the edge of the dome leaving him with a bloody palm.

2. Julia Gets Stuck Between A Metal Pole And A Cold Place: Barbie and Julia take the ambulance out into the freezing cold to look for supplies. But during their expedition Barbie hits a patch of black ice. The ambulance started skidding along the frozen ground, eventually flipping over with Barbie and Julia inside of it.

When Barbie attempted to help Julia to her feet he realizes that a metal pole has been lodged into her thigh.

“It may be the only thing keeping me from bleeding to death,” she said aware of the dire situation she’s in. The two stay in the ambulance, enduring the freezing weather until Barbie gets hit with a bright idea. He decides to let Julia get hypothermia so that he can remove the pole from her leg without having her bleed to death. And as crazy as it sounded -- it worked! Barbie carried Julia back into town and warmed her up from the heat of the diner’s oven.

3. A Death In Chester’s Mill: Things gets so cold in Chester’s Mill that Hunter gets frostbite and the town loses a residents to the brutal weather. Tom’s wife ended up dying in episode 11 of “Under the Dome.”

4. Lyle Returns: As Big Jim went looking for more fuel to heat up the school he came across Lyle flailing in the lake. At first fans thought Big Jim was going to leave the man his wife loved to drown but Big Jim found the kindness in his heart of fish Lyle out of the icy water.

Lyle then revealed to Big Jim his vision of the end of the world is nearing and apparently it’s going to be at the hand of fire.

5. The Dome’s Newest Problem: Once residents survived the dome’s freeze over the townsfolk faced its newest issue when the walls of the spherical barrier started closing in on Chester’s Mill.

“It’s contracting,” Joe said as he, Norrie and Hunter watched the walls close in around them.

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