Fans have recently worked on creating an “Unreal PT” remaster for the PC. Since the demo “PT” release for PS4, it has shown game director Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo Del Toro’s work in a horror game and is genuinely shocking in its scary aspects. Here are some details about the “Unreal PT” experience on the PC.

According to the remaster head developer RadiusGordello, the “Unreal PT” project was intended as practice for modeling and texturing as a game developer. Most of the visuals seen in the game are remastered from scratch and made for the PC platform. The “Unreal PT” from RadiusGordello can also be brought up to the highest 4K resolution and even has VR support.

Aside from the eerie stuff seen in the game, the developer admitted to having taken the sounds from the original demo itself. Overall, the remaster brands itself as a “complete and faithful remake of the original PT.” It can be downloaded for free on RadiusGordello’s

Back in its early release, many PS4 fans wondered what the “PT” game demo release was about in the PSN store. In both in its horror and conclusion, it surprised many players as it delivered a fresh take on horror games. Many of the known franchises at the time, like "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill," were either dormant or taken a new genre outside its horror roots. At the end of “PT,” players were greeted with a 3D character in the likeness of actor Norman Reedus and the “Silent Hills,” which meant the revival of a loved horror franchise from Konami. However, the project got canceled, and Kojima was already out of Konami to officially continue this project in any form. The “PT” demo was even delisted from the PlayStation Network store and gave auction value to PS4 units that still had the demo in its data storages. With the "Unreal PT" released, you can try it out again without the hassle of trying to find the demo somewhere.

Currently, Kojima and Del Toro are working on “Death Stranding,” a game that many people are currently looking out for, but nobody still knows what exactly the game is about. The "PT" creator’s new game promotions are too difficult and confusing to read with its outlandish visuals and scenes that greatly need context to understand. Meanwhile, we’ve yet to see if the “Silent Hill” franchise owner, Konami, will also delist this project down as it did “PT.”

'Unreal PT' screenshot by radiusgordello Narrow corridor as seen in 'Unreal PT' PC. Pictured: 'Unreal PT' Promotional Screenshot picture from site Photo: