Animals are survivors. Whether we keep them as pets or they're out there in the wild, they will always find ways to beat the odds and defy what Mother Nature throws in their way.

It's not entirely natural selection, but the way they're designed. Like humans, their survival instincts will kick in if they are faced with life or death situations. Whatever it may be, some will live and share the scars of their story.

A resident of Madison Township found a puppy on the side of a road in Ohio with her “mouth duct-taped and ther throat cut” August 17. According to a source, “Dani” was found clinging to her life when the Good Samaritan was out walking.

Members of animal rights organization Anima Naturalis protest against animal cruelty at Bolivar Square in Bogota
Members of animal rights organization Anima Naturalis protest against animal cruelty at Bolivar Square in Bogota, September 6, 2011. Reuters

The dog was immediately rushed to a local veterinarian to have her wound treated. It was here that a microchip was also discovered, and that the information led to the HART Rescue in Cincinnati, which adopted Dani in 2011, said another source.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office confirmed about Dani's predicament and added that they “investigating this Animal Cruelty Case.”

They are also asking the help of netizens in locating Dani's owner prior to its identification.

Sheriff Richard Jones of the Butler County Sheriff's Office, who tweeted about Dani's unfortunate situation, said that their office “will not tolerate these actions period. Not now or ever.”

“This is appaling,” Jones said. “Words cannot describe the digust I'm feeling right now, we will work diligently to find out who did this and seek justice.”

The Office's Facebook post as well as Jones' Tweet has since garnered the sympathy of netizens. One particular comment came from Carl Cox, who said that Dani once belonged to his daughter and grandchildren when their lady neighbor “let the poor thing out of my daughter's gate while she was at work one day because it was barking and gave it to someone else.”

“Dani had a great home and good love and well taken care of,” he added.

While some lauded the efforts of the Butler County Sheriff's Office not only for rescuing Dani, but also for looking out for their pets, others are asking on how they can help the puppy and gave her their well wishes for a speedy recovery.

“Seeing the seriousness with which Sheriff Richard K. Jones and Butler Co. take animal cruelty gives me some hope that this world hasn’t been completely depleted of all compassion, common sense, and justice,” read one post.