Waterman Entertainment has acquired the rights to the New York Times bestseller Until Tuesday and attached Mr. Holland's Opus writer Patrick Sheane Duncan to adapt it into a film, the company announced Monday.

Until Tuesday is about Army Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan's true story about his return from two tours of duty in Iraq. During the war, he sustained traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and other injuries.

The pressures of life were overwhelming for the captain. Then he met Tuesday, a golden retriever that became his service dog and best friend.

Captain Montalvan's story is incredibly inspiring and we feel very privileged to bring it to the big screen with the help of such a talented screenwriter as Patrick Sheane Duncan, Tucker Waterman, executive vice president of Waterman Entertainment, said in a written statement. Service dogs have played a crucial role in the rehabilitation of many American soldiers, and this film will pay tribute to them as well as the soldiers who have sacrificed so much for our country.

The movie is scheduled to begin production next summer.