Square Enix has announced that its latest mobile game, “Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road”, has been delayed. They cited “current conditions” as the reason behind this delay — most likely the shutdowns and cancellations due to COVID-19.

The game is a mobile spin-off of the popular Square RPG, featuring beloved characters from Disney. Details about the game went live back in January and the release was set for Spring 2020. The official account for the game relayed the developer’s apology for the fans. It is also revealed that the team behind “Dark Road” still tried to make the Spring deadline, according to IGN.

As for any revised dates, the statement did not include that. Instead, it revealed that fans should tune in for another game-related announcement about the title’s status in early June. The last announcement was in February when details like game screenshots went out. Through those details, the game was known to have some “high-speed battles,” the outcome of which depended on how fast a player’s reflexes are.

Bloomberg reported the tweet which carried the bad news for “Dark Road.” In it, it was announced that the development for the game was delayed, and it was also confirmed that the team tried to beat the Spring release deadline. The June announcement was also confirmed in the tweet.

Amid the coronavirus-imposed lockdown, consumers have been looking for a way to alleviate boredom. Video games such as the “Kingdom Hearts” mobile game have managed to help them make it through the lockdown. However, the game has joined a long list of other such games with unsure release dates.

Some of them are Sony titles like “The Last of Us II” and Marvel’s “Iron Man VR,” both of which now have delayed releases. The company has since issued a statement, asking fans for understanding. They apologized for not having released the game in a way that satisfied the “launch experience players deserve.”

So far, the known details about the game reveal it to be an “action-card” game of some kind. A news post said that it would be easier for players to have a complete “album” of sorts to have collateral to trade for “Cards to be used in battle”.

Kingdom Hearts E3 Stage
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