“This Is Us” focuses on the Pearson family, and while Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia consistently play Rebecca and Jack throughout the years, the actors playing their kids, Kevin, Kate and Randall, change. Meet all three sets of the Big Three below:

The Adults

Chrissy Metz — The Kate actress has often spoken about her lack of success before “This Is Us.” Though she had roles on “American Horror Story” and other small gigs, she didn’t have a steady income. She only had 81 cents in her bank account when she finally landed on the NBC drama.

The Florida native is one of five siblings, but Metz’s family wasn’t able to help her out financially when she was a struggling actress. Instead, Metz worked tons of odd jobs, including a gig as a junior talent agent, while she was waiting to hit it big. She doesn’t need to worry anymore, though. She just received her second Golden Globe nomination.

Meet the This Is Us cast
From left: Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown are the present day Big Three on “This Is Us.” Maarten de Boer/NBC

Justin Hartley — Hartley has a few more hit TV shows than his character Kevin. After starting off on the supernatural soap opera “Passions,” Hartley went on to several memorable roles on primetime TV. He played the Green Arrow on “Smallville,” Patrick on “Revenge” and Scott on “Mistresses.” He returned to soaps for a stint on “The Young and the Restless” before scoring “This Is Us.”

The Illinois native is from a big family. He is one of four kids, and he grew up playing sports. The University of Illinois in Chicago alum has a family of his own now. He shares 13-year-old daughter Isabella with ex-wife Lindsay, and he is married to Chrishell Stause.

Sterling K. Brown—The Emmy award winner has been working consistently for over a decade. Audiences previously saw him in “Supernatural,” “Person of Interest” and “Army Wives.” However, his role as Christopher Darden in “American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson” brought him even more attention (and his first Emmy).

Brown grew up in St. Louis, but he has spent his adult life going between New York and California. He got his Master’s at New York University and has several theater credits. However, he got his Bachelor’s at Stanford, and he currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe and their children Andrew, 6, and Amaré, 2.

This Is Us kid actors
From left: Lonnie Chavis, Mackenzie Hancsicsak and Parker Bates play the Pearson kids on “This Is Us.” Maarten de Boer/NBC

The 10-year-olds

Mackenzie Hancsicsak — The actress got her first gig on “This Is Us,” but it looks like onscreen mom Mandy Moore helped her get a second gig. Mackenzie, who plays the young version of Kate, recently made her debut as a supporting voice on “Tangled: The Series,” on which Moore voices Rapunzel. Mackenzie’s onscreen brothers have both provided additional voices for the series as well.

Offscreen, Mackenzie loves watching the Dodgers and supporting charitable causes. She has been spotted at events for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Heifer International (which fights poverty and hunger) and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in recent months.

Parker Bates — Parker started working when he was just 2 as a model. The Texas native realized he wanted to act at age 6 while accompanying his brother Prestyn to an audition. Parker ended up getting the commercial his brother was up for as well several more. Within six months of moving to Los Angeles from Dallas, he scored his role as young Kevin on “This Is Us.”

When Parker isn’t filming the hit NBC show, he hangs out with both Lonnie and Mackenzie. He told Tell Tale TV that he enjoys soccer, snowboarding and jumping on trampolines.

Lonnie Chavis — The little boy who plays Randall has been working for a couple years already. Lonnie has made appearances on “Supergirl” and in a few short films. He is also currently appearing on Showtime’s “White Famous.”

Lonnie had some real life drama shortly before “This Is Us” started. In May 2016, the actor was taking out the trash at his home in Los Angeles and men in masks and gloves tried to grab him. Lonnie ran away, and when a neighbor found him crying and running, she brought him back to his house. The police believe it was an attempted kidnapping, ABC7 reported at the time of the incident. The suspects were not found.

Luckily, it seems like the 10-year-old has been having a pretty normal life since then (if you consider being on a hit show normal). When he’s not dancing up a storm at parties, he is hanging out with his real-life siblings. Lonnie is the oldest of three.

This Is Us Cast
From left: Niles Fitch, Hannah Zeile and Logan Shroyer play Randall, Kate and Kevin in their teenage years on “This Is Us.” Maarten de Boer/NBC

The Teenagers

Hannah Zeile — The teenage Kate is not actually a teenager. Zeile turned 20 in November, and it seems like age isn’t the only thing she is faking. While “This Is Us” tends to dress her in baggy clothing and make her look heavier to emphasize the beginning of Kate’s weight struggles, Zeile seems pretty fit when she’s not in costume.

Zeile’s first small screen gig was on “Anger Management,” and that’s her only IMDb credit before “This Is Us.”

The actress is not from a family of actors, but her parents are used to the spotlight. Olympic gymnast Julianne McNamara and professional baseball player Todd Zeile are her mom and dad.

Logan Shroyer — The teenage Kevin actor has made appearances in movies like “Speech & Debate” and TV shows like “Speechless.” His “This Is Us” role, however, requires him to change how he looks. Both he and Parker Bates to cover their blue eyes with brown contacts to match Justin Hartley.

Shroyer surfs when he isn’t working, but he also wants to hone his skills behind the camera. He told Candid that he hopes to become a writer and director one day.

Niles Fitch — The teen Randall actor previously worked with Sterling K. Brown in “Army Wives,” but his career started long before that. He told Young Broadway Actor News that he started modeling in Atlanta at age 4. A few years later, he made his Broadway debut in “The Lion King.” Though he is a regular on “This Is Us,” he is also on the big screen. He starred opposite Denzel Washington in “Roman Israel Esq.” earlier this year.

Like Randall, Niles also lost his dad at a young age. On Instagram last year, the actor posted about his father’s death and revealed that he was gateful to distract himself with work instead of sulking.

“This Is Us” returns to NBC on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Big Three This Is Us
Nine actors play the Big Three on “This Is Us.” NBC