After the disappointing draw the U.S. men’s soccer team experienced against Portugal on Sunday, Twitter users were already anticipating Thursday’s match against Germany at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Many referred to the matchup as World War III, or how netizens typically like to call it: #WW3

In an ultra-quick history lesson for anyone who might have fallen asleep during seventh-grade American history, USA and Germany were rivals in World War I and World War II.

Though it seems extreme to compare Thursday’s World Cup game to a world war, the stakes in the match are high since USA and Germany are tied for first position in Group G and the game's outcome will decide (based on how other teams in the group perform too) which teams move on to the next round and have a go at the trophy.

Still, the intensity has gotten to the best of some. Many Twitterati are wagering bets for #WW3, with many using history’s precedent to predict the outcome for Thursday’s game.

Some are looking at the match as USA versus Hitler and the Nazis.

Considering the mass causalities and destruction sustained during WWI and WWII, not everyone thought referring to the game as a war was in good taste.

Fictitious war aside, many Twitter users were just excited to see the game.

As far as another draw, that’s not something viewers of the World Cup wanted to see happen again.

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