• One gamer recreated "Star Wars'" iconic Millennium Falcon in "Valheim"
  • The player managed to make it as close as possible to the original with the game's available resources
  • It works only as a static player-made base

In a testament to “Valheim’s” robust building system and their own creativity, one fan has built a wooden version of the iconic Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars” in the Viking survival game.

Sharing an image of their creation on r/valheim, Redditor Colonel-James-Parker’s “Valheim” version of the ship comes close to the original in terms of overall design.

Dubbed by the player as the “Millenium Longboat,” this version of the Falcon is made almost entirely out of wood. The player used Wood Iron Beams to support the structure’s large mass while the rest of the “hull” is made of ordinary wood, logs and thatch roofing.

The rear part of the wooden ship is filled with standing green torches to replicate the Millennium Falcon’s rear thrusters, while creative use of angled beams helped create fine detail across the ship’s hull and other exterior bits such as the radar dish and the cockpit.

Internally, the Millennium Longboat serves as a fully functional player base for “Valheim.” It is complete with crafting stations and furniture that will allow players to create, upgrade and repair equipment and rest up for another day in the 10th realm. Unfortunately, the Longboat neither flies nor floats on water.

The semi-realistic building system in “Valheim” plays a huge part in making the game a builder’s dream. Each individual building piece must be connected to a stable and strong foundation otherwise it will simply break and fall to the ground. It encourages players to build structures according to real-life principles, forcing them to build support beams and pillars that will solidify a building’s structural integrity.

The current version of the Millennium Longboat is already quite impressive, but as the player put in the title of their post, it is still a “test version.” It’s quite possible that the community will be able to see a new and improved version of this amazing build once the new content patches for “Valheim” become available.

Players can expect more building and furniture pieces once the first update, Hearth and Home, goes live. Sadly, there is no official release date for this update yet as Iron Gate is prioritizing bug fixes and improvements to “Valheim’s” playability over content additions.

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