One of the much-awaited movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 is “Thor 4.” In the recently held San Diego Comic-Con 2019, it was revealed that Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson were cast to play Thor, Lady Thor and Valkyrie, respecticely, in “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

What makes “Thor: Love and Thunder,” generally known as “Thor 4” interesting is the fact that Thompson’s character, Valkyrie, will be the first hero in the MCU that is LGBTQ. Thompson, who will play the role of Valkyrie, made her first appearance in “Thor: Raganarok.”

Yes — yes, she is reportedly in search for a new queen and while nothing much has been divulged about the character of Valkyrie in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” let’s take a quick peek at the personal life of the person behind the character of the new Asgardian King.

Here are a few facts Thompson fans might be interested to know.

  • Before “Thor: Love and Thunder,” there were other movies.

Thompson was cast in several movies including “Men in Black: International,” “Avengers: End Game,” “Creed II,” “Thor: Ragnarok,” “South Dakota,” IMDb reported.

  • Thompson’s tattoo fascination.

Our “Thor: Love and Thunder” cast confirmed that she’s slightly addicted to tattoos, MSN reported. Because she scars too easily, she considered having to ink them instead.

She has a number 5 tattoo on her rib cage and a chai, which is the Jewish symbol for life, on her inner wrist. She also has inks of yes and no on the other wrist.

  • Thompson’s sexual beliefs — fluidity.

While she portrays the recently confirmed LGBTQ character in “Thor: Love and Thunder, her views about sexuality apparently coincides with that of LGBTQ — now with affixes I for intersex and A for asexual. Thompson was quoted when she said that she was attracted to men as well as women, and that if she brought either of the two home, it wouldn’t be a problem, USA Today reported.

  • Thompson’s past traumatic accident.

Thompson was a little late at the interview she had with Marie Claire. She said that she was the one who drove and considered it as a big step especially when, years ago, she had accidents and was too apprehensive to drive.

  • Thompson’s familial background.

Born on October 3, 1983, Thompson of “Thor 4” is from an African, Panamanian, Mexican and European descent, Biography reported. In the same interview she had with Marie Claire, it was reported that the “Thor: Love and Thunder” star's parents got separated when she was only 3.

Her dad was a musician who relocated to New York, hence, she and her sister, who is now a Nurse, were raised by her mother who was a college administrative assistant and, at the same time, an artist.

Can’t wait to see Thompson in the big screen for “Thor: Love and Thunder?" “Thor 4” will hit the theaters by Fall 2021.