An investigation was launched after an off-duty Richmond Police Department officer fatally shot a man near a gas station in Vallejo, California, on Sunday evening. Richmond is 16 miles away from Vallejo.

Vallejo Police responded to the scene near the intersection of Fairgrounds Dive and Sereno Drive on Sunday evening and found a man with gunshot wounds. He succumbed to injuries on the spot. Though the victim was not formally identified, some on social media said the man was 38-year-old Eric "CheddaMan" Reason, a local rapper and a father of six.

"The other party involved in the shooting remained on-site and was determined to be an off-duty Richmond Police Officer," Vallejo Police Department said in a statement.

Witnesses told local media that they heard six to seven gunshots and that there was some kind of a confrontation between the officer and the victim before the shooting.

Meanwhile, Vallejo police along with the Solano County District Attorney's Office were investigating the incident. Police said the investigation was “in the very early stages and an update will be provided when further information is obtained.” The reason behind the shooting was, however, not known. More than one gun was reportedly found at the scene.

This is a developing story.

Police tape
This is a representational image showing a police tape. Reuters/Sergio Flores