“The Vampire Diaries” is back in action! A day after returning to the Atlanta set, actor Ian Somerhalder treated fans to their first peak at the highly anticipated fifth season of the hit CW series.

So what did Somerhalder tweet? A photo of the episode one, premiere script. “In my hand right now ...” he posted along with the photo. The only problem: While fans can see that the title page of the script reads “Episode #501,” it cuts off the actual name of the title.

Somerhalder, who plays bad-boy vampire Damon Salvatore, spent a majority of his break overseas while working on his new movie, “The Anomaly.” Returning to the set on Monday, it sounds like Somerhalder has to have a “little work done” before he can reprise his vampire role.

Somerhalder’s co-stars haven’t taken to the social media site to tweet about being back on set, but on Monday Jeremy’s Steven McQueen did take the time to respond to a fan and tease the season five premiere episode.

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