Vampire Diaries
Episode 15 - "Gone Girl" Tina Rowden/The CW

Get ready for a Mystic Falls vs. Katherine show down on “The Vampire Diaries.” Katherine successfully managed to fool everyone into thinking she was Elena for weeks. However, episode 15, “Gone Girl,” found her cover blown.

With Nadia dying of a werewolf bite (courtesy of Tyler), Katherine is at her side and promising they'll be a family when Nadia pulls through. The only catch is that Katherine refuses to turn to Klaus for help -- and Klaus’ blood is currently the only known antidote to a werewolf bite.

So, who does Katherine turn to instead? None other than Dr. Wes Maxfield. The former Whitmore professor is willing to create an antidote in exchange for some of the rare werewolf venom pulsing through Nadia’s veins.

“I’m going to be a better mother,” she tells her daughter. “Starting right now. I promise you I’m going to save your life.”

But being a dedicated mother is going to be harder than Katherine thought, considering Stefan, Damon, Caroline and the rest of the gang are onto her. Figuring out that she used Traveler magic to become a passenger in Elena’s body, Matt reveals that he still has the magic knife that expelled Gregor from his body. Caroline and Bonnie try to lure her to the house to stab her with the knife, but Katherine figures out that her secret is out.

Katherine moves Nadia’s body to a church as she waits for Dr. Wes to come up with the cure. Meanwhile, the gang struggles with the fact that Katherine could be anywhere with Elena’s body … which leads Damon to suggest an idea: Use a locator spell.

Bonnie and Jeremy seek out Liv for help in performing the magic, but Liv seems more interested in Jeremy than anything else. Flirting with Jeremy (and making Bonnie jealous along the way), Liv performs the spell and reveals that Katherine is hiding out at a church.

Meanwhile, a chained up Damon is bent on seeking revenge against Dr. Wes and uses Klaus and Caroline’s hook up to manipulate Tyler into coming into his cell. Managing to get his hands on the hybrid, he uses some of Tyler’s blood to knock him unconscious and break out of the room.

Finding Dr. Wes in his new lab, Damon demands the cure. But the doctor has no plans on handing it over to him. So Damon does the next best thing. “It’s my turn to play doctor,” he teases the doctor as he grabs a scalpel and cuts into his eyeball.

Needless to say, Damon kills Dr. Wes. And it couldn’t come at a worse time for Katherine. Finding his body at the lab, Katherine has little time to grieve because Stefan calls to reveal that he took Nadia back to the Salvatore mansion.

“Katherine. Run!” Nadia gasps into the phone. But Katherine can’t do that. Instead she bites the bullet and arrives to see her daughter one last time before she dies. Giving her daughter a memory of the childhood she should have had, Nadia peacefully drifts off, happy that her mother finally said that she loved her.

As Nadia takes Bonnie’s hand and moves on to the other side, Katherine tries to escape through the front door, but she's met by Damon. Katherine says her goodbyes while questioning each of the Mystic Falls crew about who will drive the magical Travelers knife through her.

“I’m sorry,” she tells Damon, surprising him. “You blame me for who you are. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I turned you. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to die as a forgotten nobody on a bloody battlefield … sorry that you are who you are. Because I’m the one that taught you how to love.”

“I’ll see you in hell,” Damon responds.

As for Katherine’s goodbye to Stefan? The evil doppelganger tells her former beau that she always wondered what it would like to be loved by him. “Stefan I love you and I’ll always love you,” she tells him, planting a kiss on him. But their kiss ends when Stefan takes the Travelers blade and stabs her in the chest.

Katherine leaves Elena’s body and arrives in front of Bonnie, who is at the church where Katherine kept Nadia. Before heading to the other side, Katherine tells Bonnie that Dr. Wes never had plans on saving Nadia and was just using her to get the werewolf venom. Angry that Stefan forced her to return to Nadia, Katherine told Bonnie that she wasn’t going down without a fight and injected Elena’s body with the werewolf venom.

“If I can’t have Stefan then no one can,” she warns Bonnie before grabbing her shoulders to go to the other side. But Katherine didn’t pass through Bonnie. Instead, a force dragged Katherine out of the church … seemingly to hell.

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