The Twilight vampire franchise topped a survey of 2009 moviegoers' favorites, but film fans were divided over whether they loved or hated this year's Transformers sequel.

A poll on the AOL movie website ranked Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen both the worst of 2009 and the year's best action movie, as well as the second-most disappointing film of the year -- after Bruno.

And Transformers star Megan Fox was overwhelmingly voted both the year's sexiest female actress, and the actress who gave the worst performance of the 2009, according to the poll released on Monday.

Whatever the views of followers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen grossed more than $834 million in ticket sales worldwide to make it the third-most commercially successful movie of 2009, behind Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, according to

Voters showed no such ambivalence about New Moon, the sequel to 2008's blockbuster Twilight, based on the best-selling young-adult novels by Stephenie Meyer.

Although it ranks No. 6 in 2009 global box office receipts with $662 million so far, New Moon was named best movie in the Moviefone poll, drawing 41.1 percent of the vote. It also was named the year's best chick flick.

Robert Pattinson was chosen sexiest male star, with 46.5 percent of the vote, followed by co-star Taylor Lautner (20.1 percent), who also was voted best male breakout star of 2009.

The next movie in the vampire teen romance series -- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- topped the list of coming attractions Moviefone fans are most excited about seeing in 2010, soundly beating Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I.

Summer comedy The Hangover was rated the funniest movie of 2009, taking 51.8 percent of vote, while Disney-Pixar's Up was voted best animated film and Sandra Bullock won for best performance by an actress in the surprise hit The Blind Side.

Full results of the poll, which received more than 238,000 votes, can be seen at