Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik has been in the news following a nude photo shoot for FHM India. The image shows her posing topless, with ISI tattooed on her arm.

Since then the actress has accused FHM of morphing and using the image without her consent, been sued and counter-sued and been disowned by her father. She has now admitted to the shoot.

Yes, I was topless but I was not nude she confessed in an interview with Zem News.

If you look at (the photographs), I do admit that I have done a topless shoot... But it was not that topless - a proportion of the body was covered with my hands, she said, in an interview with BBC, clarifying her position.

I admit I have done a bold shoot... but I have not done anything that I should be ashamed of, she added to Zem News.


Photo Credit: FHM India

Malik confirmed that both images were from photo shoots involving her but the image released first was tampered with.

The second one (with a grenade between her teeth) in bikini is mine, but the one that is absolutely without clothes is not mine, she said.

Bikini is a very small piece of cloth... if you remove that there is nothing left, she explained.

Same is the case with the picture, Malik said, referring to the completely unclad image on the magazine's cover that she claims was shot with bottoms on.

If you don't know the difference between being dressed and undressed than please go and learn, she said to the Zem News reporter.

There is a big difference between topless and being nude... you will see various shoots done in Bollywood industry where actresses actually went topless, but they were covered like the way I was, she continued.

On being asked about the nitty-gritties of the shoot, including the use of a grenade and the ISI (acronym for Pakistan's infamous Inter-Services Intelligence agency) tattoo, the reality TV star briskly retorted, Why... Do you have any problem with the hand grenade?

I know... the culture(s) of Hindustan and... Pakistan, she said.

I am not a perfect Muslim or a perfect person, but I haven't committed a crime, and unfortunately things like this are part and parcel of the industry I work in. I am not bothered about what they think. My fans and many Pakistanis support me and believe (in) me, she said.

Regarding the photos in FHM India magazine, she said, Earlier also I have done many shoots in bikini.... That's pretty ok with the Indian industry and Indian people are ok with that.

When asked about reports that her father has disowned her and has called for her to be punished, Malik said, He is too upset, he didn't speak to me; he spoke to one of the media groups.

I am not going to blame him for that... I think I should give it some time and once everything is clear, probably I'll go and tell him that I didn't do it, she said.

Controversy seems to be the middle name of this small-time actress but after her clarifications can we expect the saga to end here or is there more to come?

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