Pakistani actress Veena Malik has become an easy target for almost every entertainment and gossip-related Web site. The small-time actress, who is no stranger to controversy, reportedly posed nude for the cover of FHM India's December issue and later accused the magazine of tampering with original shots and morphing the photographs.

The magazine has already been released to the public and an earlier IBTimes report indicated that there were actually two cover photographs, the second of which was made available on FHM's Web site after being rejected for being slightly explosive.


A fake photograph of Veena Malik and model Michaela Matejkova, morphed onto the cover of FHM India's December issue. Photo Credit:  

Authorities in Malik's native Pakistan have reacted with predictable anger, fuming over the shoots and planning for strict action against the actress, both for allegedly appearing nude and for portraying the country's intelligence bureau, the Inter-Services Intelligence, in an incorrect manner with a tattoo on her arm.

Now, however, amid all the brouhaha surrounding the situation, a third photograph is doing the rounds on the Internet; this one shows Malik posing with model Michaela Matejkova (who appeared on the cover of Playboy Brazil's July 2011 issue), in a raunchy pose which is morphed onto the cover of FHM India's magazine.

The photograph is quite clearly a fake and has been morphed, courtesy of Matejkova having assumed a similar pose to Malik's in her Playboy shoot.

One more cover photo has been leaked from Veena Malik's naked photo shoot for an Indian magazine. In the third of the leaked photos Veena Malik modeled with hotty Michaela Matejkova and this must be the hottest of all the covers we have came across till now, said a statement on the entertainment Web site, Dose of Me. Apparently, the site has posted the photograph for what they call a Random Funny Dose of the entertainment industry.

This, needless to say, isn't the only such fake floating around on the Internet, following Malik's racy shoot.

An indignant Malik, who claims the original photographs were taken with her clothes on, has now reportedly sued FHM India for $1.95 million, for having published a morphed photograph without her consent. According to her statements, she has suffered a loss of reputation.

One wonders if so staggering a sum will satisfy the actress.

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