A highly venomous snake was relocated after it was captured from the lounge room of a home in Australia.

Snake catcher Joshua Castle arrived at his friend’s mother’s home in Caboolture, Queensland, after receiving a call from the woman saying she had found a snake slithering in her lounge room.

"My friend’s mother called me as she had a snake in her lounge room. She’s from New Zealand, so she was unsure as to what sort of snake it was," Castle told International Business Times.

Castle entered the residence and found the reptile, an eastern brown snake, hiding under the TV unit in the lounge room.

"I was greeted at the front door, walked in to the eastern brown sitting under the TV unit. When I got closer to the snake, it tried to make a run for it. So I had to use my snake bag and put slight pressure on it so stop it moving so I could bag it," Castle told IBT.

Following a quick 10-minute rescue operation, the snake was captured.

"It relocated back into suitable bush land away from houses with suitable food source for it," Castle said.

Recently, Castle, who is highly experienced in dealing with reptiles, spoke to IBT about why snakes are ending up in usual places like bedrooms, kitchens and even toilets.

"Smaller species often get brought inside the home by a cat, larger species end up inside by accident through cat/dog doors and/or flyscreen holes due to temperature. It may be too hot outside so they need to cool off inside on tiles. They also sneak in through door s and windows that are left open for longer than needed. Some species of snakes can slither up the pipework to your toilet /sink/shower, this often happens by accident too, they either were looking for water or they got into a disagreement with a cat and bolted into the sewage," he had said.

eastern brown snake
This photo taken on September 25, 2012 shows a deadly Australia eastern brown snake. WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images