A Vermont firefighter was accused of setting his own children's hands on fire.

Levi Dykema, 28, of Ferrisburgh, Vermont, faces felony charges regarding three counts of reckless endangerment for his alleged misconduct, police said. Dykema apparently covered the hands of his children — aged five, seven and 10 — with hand sanitizer, according to WCAX, a Vermont news station. Thereafter, he allegedly ignited a flame upon their hands.

The firefighter was also accused of sharing a video of the incident to social media, but it wasn't confirmed which platform he shared it on.

Dykema asserted to law enforcement that his actions were meant to serve as an educational tool for his kids in understanding the flammability of sanitizer. Therefore, he pleaded not guilty to all counts of reckless endangerment, WCAX reported. In Vermont, such felony charges could result in up to a year of jail time or a fine, not exceeding than $1,000. Some circumstances, however, require both punishments to be completed.

The three children didn't suffer injuries or fatalities from their father's teaching lesson, police said.

Since alcohol-based hand sanitizer is considered to be a Class I Flammable Liquid substance, the children could have suffered severe burn-related injuries. Sanitizer's flammability is what classifies it is a fire hazard. These liquids are further sub-categorized as Class IA, Class IB and Class IC due to it possessing flash points below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dykema served as a volunteer firefighter for with Charlotte Fire and Rescue. The Charlotte Select Board, however, said that Dykema is suspended from his position, according to The Associated Press. It wasn't confirmed how long the suspension was or whether he will be allowed to return to the role.

The Charlotte Fire and Rescue did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.

Here, a firefighter's gear is pictured Sept. 6, 2015. Pixabay