Real Housewife of Orange Country, Vicki Gunvalson’s interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Sunday edition about her boyfriend Brook Ayers has rocked the show.

Vicky Gunvalson, who has been rumored to be dating Brook Ayers for a long time, even before she split up with Donn, has lately been the subject of several press report.

Vicky’s boyfriend was arrested twice in 2010 for not paying child support, following which Vicki wrote a letter to the judge asking him to release her freind from jail.

When Cohen put across some questions with reference to her boyfriend, her response was, “The media doesn’t tell the whole truth.”

As to reports that claimed that Gunvalson didn't know about her boyfriend’s past, Gunvalson said “I knew everything. There wasn’t any secrets and lies.”

Cohen then asked her what her thoughts were about Slade Smiley’s child support and allegations of being a deadbeat dad by Tamra Barney.

“If the viewers saw me the last year” Gunvalson said “I never talked about Slade. It’s his business and his life and I don’t want him in mine.”

Cohen then asked Gunvalson about Tamra’s determination to discuss Slade all last season. Gunvalson said that was difficult for her because “Tamra is my best friend. I personally would not have gone that far.”

“I don’t want people in my business … I’m a big girl … everyone needs to have a fine line where you stop,” she said.

And finally when Cohen asked Gunvalson was “still in love?” She answered “yes.”