Victor Garber
Victor Garber came out as gay and admitted to living with his longtime partner Rainer Andreeson in a new interview. Reuters

Just days after Jodie Foster made a somewhat cryptic acknowledgement of her sexual orientation at the 70th Annual Golden Globes, Victor Garber has come out as gay during an impromptu interview in which the actor admitted to being with his longtime partner, Rainer Andreesen.

Garber, a 63-year-old actor best known for his roles in “Deception,” “The First Wives Club” and “Titanic,” admitted his homosexuality to blogger Greg in Hollywood during the TV Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif., last week.

Greg Hernandez, who runs the blog, questioned Garber about a link on Wikipedia that said the actor has been living in New York City with Andreesen for years.

“Wikipedia lists Rainer Andreesen as your partner. I wondered if that’s something that’s public, that you’ve confirmed,” Hernandez asked.

“I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows,” Garber said. “He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards.”

Hernandez also reported that Garber said, “Wikipedia is bulls—t" and "seemed surprised" when he was asked the question.

According to US Weekly, though, the news is not exactly groundbreaking, since Garber admitted to being gay last April to Canada's Forever Young.

"My companion Rainer Andreesen and I have been together almost 13 years in Greenwich Village," he said at the time. "We both love New York."

Garber and Foster are among several celebrities who have recently come out as gay, including musician Frank Ocean, “White Collar” actor Matt Bomer, “Big Bang Theory” actor Jim Parsons, news anchor Anderson Cooper, “Good Morning America” weatherman Sam Champion and “Kyle XY” actor Matt Dallas.