Victoria Jackson, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, has aired her conservative views and says there is an “underground” network of conservative stars in Hollywood, the Huffington Post reports.

Most celebrities and industry moguls seem to have liberal views, but Jackson explained that’s because conservatives in the Hollywood Hills keep quiet.

“In LA, there is a secret, underground group of showbiz conservatives. It started with two people in 2000. I was at the fifth or tenth meeting, and now there are over 2,000 people,” Jackson told the Huffington Post. “The only ones out of the closet are Jon Voight and Pat Boone. There are famous people in there, but they don’t want to lose their career -- and conservatives are blacklisted.”

When asked who the other members of the “conservative club” were, Jackson refused to name anyone specifically so no one’s reputation would be damaged.

She asserted that it’s actually easier in Hollywood to be homosexual or a Scientologist. They are more accepted in the entertainment business.

“It’s much easier to be a Scientologist or gay in Hollywood. First of all, it’s in style to be gay. Every TV show and every movie is gay, and all the producers who are making them are gay. If you are gay, go to Hollywood because you are going to do really well there,” Jackson said. “Scientology -- Hollywood doesn’t care what religion you are, as long as you can make money. However, there is a new antagonism to conservatives.”

During this campaign, however, more celebrities seem to have come out for Mitt Romney. Lindsay Lohan announced that she backs the Republican candidate, along with Clint Eastwood, Patricia Heaton and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

After Republican Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment upended the Missouri Senate race, Victoria Jackson sais her show, "If I was raped, I would have the baby and think of it as God making a blessing out of something bad."